As much as Coen Haver is a director and writer he loves to talk about film. He has developed several courses that can be booked by film theaters, schools or cultural institutes. 

Contact him to request more information on these film courses. 

Spanish Film Course

80 years of national cinema in the making.

Coen Haver takes you on a journey through the history of Spain and its national cinema. Political and historic events are contextualized with scenes from films by Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura, Victor Erice, Julio Medem and Pedro Almodóvar.

Polish Film Course 

Polish film makers fighting censorship and oppression.

By taking a closer look on the works of Kieslowski, Wajda, Polanski and Holland, Coen Haver shows the impact of censorship and cultural oppression on Polish Cinema and how these film makers succesfully fought the system from the inside. 

National Cinemas Film Course 

Representing identity and diversity in national cinema.

“I love French Film.” It is an often heard expression. But what does it mean? What elements do make a typical French, Italian or American Indie movie? By discussing the cultural and social influences on different national cinemas, Coen Haver tries to find an answer to that question.

Long Live Cinema

Technological advances in cinema.

In this four part course, Coen Haver talks about the different technological advances that revolutionized cinema. Each part focuses on one specific technological element and is richly filled with the most breathtaking scenes from internationally acclaimed films.

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