Long Live Cinema

In this four part course, Coen Haver talks about the different technological advances that revolutionized cinema. Each part focuses on one specific technological element and is richly filled with the most breathtaking scenes from internationally acclaimed films.

Part 1: Storytelling

Tell me a story.

Hitchcock taught us that we only need three things for a film: a script, a script and a script. But how did storytelling develop thoughout the years?

Part 2: Camera

Camera rollin'!

The camera is the eye of the spectator, so how does the technological development of cameras change our view on the story that is being told.

Part 3: Sound 

I can hear it.

Dialogue, sound effects and music all enhance the immersive experience of film. But what is the true strength of sound and silence?

Part 4: Editing


Editing is probably the strongest tool in storytelling. It gives you the power to play with time, locations, characters and above all: the audience.

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