Polish Film Course

By taking a closer look on the works of Kieslowski, Wajda, Polanski and Pawlikowski, Coen Haver shows the impact of censorship and cultural oppression on Polish Cinema and how these film makers succesfully fought the system from the inside. 

Part 1: Andrzej Wajda

Cinema of Moral Anxiety.

Andrzej Wajda is generally is considered the founder of Polish Cinema. And with good reason. His War trilogy and Man of Marble have been highly influential, both on film and on society.

Part 2: Krzystof Kieslowski

The Ten Commandments.

Heavily influenced by the Cinema of Moral Anxiety, Kieslowski created both documentaries and feature films that shaped the social conscience of the Polish people. 

Part 3: Roman Polanski 

Cinematic Nightmares.

Destructive thoughts and behavior, recurrent nightmares and unresolved war traumas have been ever-present themes in Roman Polanski’s career.

Part 4: Pawel Pawlikowski 

Modern Polish Cinema.

Regional film commissions, a conservative government and film makers such as Agnieszka Holland and Pawel Pawlikowski are shaping a new and more divided Poland.

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