Spanish Film Course

Coen Haver takes you on a journey through the history of Spain and its national cinema. Political and historic events are contextualized with scenes from films by Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura, Victor Erice, Julio Medem and Pedro Almodóvar.

Part 1: 1936 – 1962

Cinema during Franco's dictatorship.

Soon after Franco has taken over power in Spain, Spanish film makers are confronted with a very strict censorship. Film makers start to use symbolism and metaphors in order to keep creating political engaged films.

Part 2: 1962 – 1977

New Spanish Cinema.

In those dark years of Spanish cinema, censorship is becoming even more strict, film schools are being shut down and subsidies are suspended. 

Part 3: 1977 – 1995

Cinema of democracy.

The end of Franco’s reigns brings a new aesthetic development of Spanish cinema. The use of metaphors is no longer needed and for the first time Spanish film author’s have national success. 

Part 4: 1995 – present day

Modern Spanish Cinema.

The civil war, Franco’s reign and the import of foreign films have had great impact on the aesthetics and narrative structures of the new wave of Spanish Directors, such as Medem, Amenabar and Bollain.

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