Coen Haver has proven to be a versatile film maker, but finding courage has been a recurrent theme in his movies and commercials. Floris in FLORIS & PIP has to find the courage to confess his love for the most beautiful girl in his class; Bep, in MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS, has to find the courage to tell her family she has fallen in love with Marie, her neighbor; Austin in BOXCAR, who is forced to be honest about his feelings for Harley; and the young kid in
EFDN / UEFA commercial who has to find the courage to defy his father and his teacher to make his dreams come true!

Short film

My Piece of Happiness

Short film [in development]

Boxcar (Wagon [NL])




Short film 

Floris & Pip

Documentary [in development]

Those Who Wait

Short film 

Under my Bed

Short documentary

Taking Time

Short film


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