Coen Haver


Coen Haver (1986) finished his BA Theatre and Film Sciences at the University of Utrecht in 2010. He just finished his short film BOXCAR, produced by Reolver Amsterdam. It will premiere at the GoShort International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. He also directed the multi-award winning short film MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS, starring Marloes van den Heuvel and Hetty Heyting. In 2014 he founded Kupenda Films. This company aims to develop and produce original, moving and engaging films that deserve attention. Haver regularly lectures on film and hosts film network events and podcasts. By doing so, he wants to contribute to the further development of the Dutch Film industry.

Featured project: 'Boxcar'

Unable to attend a dance in their village together, Nick and Gregory decide to seek refuge in an abandoned boxcar. There they will have to find an answer to that one question: ‘what would have happened if they had gone to the dance together?’ It is a question that will put their relationship to the test. 


Featured courses and podcasts

Listen to Coen Haver’s latest podcasts and find out more about his film courses. 

Film music podcast:
Exotic Sounds.

Movieinsiders Roadhouse

Representing identity and diversity in national cinema.

National Cinemas Film 

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